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Landscaping Equipment

Managing landscaping material such as maneuvering a new tree into a permanent planting spot or hauling wheelbarrows full of stone and rock across a job site multiple times is no easy task. Ease the strain of manual labor by using Wayne’s Rental LLC to rent your landscaping equipment. Use our equipment to save you time and to allow you to move materials across the job site with no problems.

What do I need to know before choosing equipment or tools?

Planning is essential to the success of your project — your timeline and budget depend on it. Selecting the right equipment can keep you on track to complete your project within your time frame and your budget. Before you get started, you need to evaluate your job: What are the conditions and terrain of the site? What is the schedule? When you have answered those questions, you can narrow down the equipment specifications:

Landscaping Equipment Rental
  • Height you need to reach
  • Amount of earth you need to move
  • 02- or 4-wheel drive wheels, tracks, etc.
  • Electric, gas/diesel or air power
  • Any accessories you need such as pipe racks, tool trailers, or bucket extensions
  • Services or equipment rentals for events such as porta-potties, water treatment, or power & HVAC

Please give us a call for any questions related to your rental needs! We can help you narrow down which equipment is going to best suit your needs to get your project done in your time frame and within your budget!