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Roofing is a hard job. It is physically taxing and often individuals who have done roofing their entire lives can attest to the physical strain it puts on your body. Using Wayne’s Rental LLC to rent your roofing equipment allows you to work smarter, not harder. Utilizing our roofing equipment will help you get your job done quickly and efficiently without you having to experience the typical physical wear-and-tear.

Having the proper equipment for your job will boost your job-site efficiency, lower the cost of labor, and reduces the risk of injury to yourself and/or others. We offer a variety of roofers buggy equipment rentals allowing for a more efficient work day while conserving your and your crew’s energy and making clean up a breeze.

Please give us a call for any questions related to your rental needs!

Roofing Equipment Rental

What do I need to know before choosing equipment or tools?

Planning is essential to the success of your project — your timeline and budget depend on it. Selecting the right equipment can keep you on track to complete your project within your time frame and your budget. Before you get started, you need to evaluate your job: What are the conditions and terrain of the site? What is the schedule? When you have answered those questions, you can narrow down the equipment specifications:

  • Height you need to reach
  • Amount of earth you need to move
  • Any accessories you need such as pipe racks, tool trailers, or bucket extensions

Please give us a call for any questions related to your rental needs!